Sunday, December 24, 2017

The King of South Mountain - Tempe, AZ

"Last February 2017, while hiking with the highly-knowledgeable Jeff Woolwine at mysterious and beautiful South Mountain, Arizona, Jeff showed me this petroglyph he had found on one of his hundreds of hikes of the area. It clearly appears to be someone of royalty, and he is looking at something." Large king profile from Burrows Cave, Illinois. Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra, her vulture crown is similar to the bird helmets of the Mound Builder slates. A slate drawing from the Michigan Mound Builder slates, note his bird helmet and the pyramids at the base. The second panel shows an Egyptian ceremony, the participants are American Indians. Alexander Helios from Burrows Cave, Illinois. He was the twin son of Cleopatra. Cleopatra Selene, twin daughter of Cleopatra who died in her 30s in north Africa. Ptolemaic coin of Cleopatra the Great. At an advanced age, Alexander Helios was persecuted by Emperor Caligula and sailed from north Africa with a large retinue.

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