Saturday, January 20, 2018

Portrait of Christ - Burrows cave

Profile portrait of Christ by someone who had seen him in person - Burrows Cave in Illinois. From Burrows Cave.

Indians in Egypt

Note the tall Native Americans in the enlargement. A Michigan Tablet.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Mysterious Michigan Artifacts - the Copper Trade

The Michigan copper deposits were mined in ancient times. A copper ingot being unloaded in Egypt. It was said that the red men came with the red metal to Egypt. A Michigan slate tablet showing Native Americans participating in an Egyptian ceremony under a Zoroastrian flying disk. This may have occurred when Indians involved in the copper trade visited Egypt. Note the pyramids with the profile portrait. Again there are Indians in an Egyptian ceremony, this probably took place in Egypt. This would have happened in North America, the Gnostic priest facing the Indian chief and below, trading with him. Small sphinx with a Mohawk, Michigan tablets collection. Michigan tablets- amulet with the bird. Profile from Burrows Cave, this looks like Alexander Helios dressed as a Jewish man.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

The Michigan Tablets

Note the king with the crown in profile in the upper left hand corner. Stamped piece Slates collection. Typical subject, the king is facing an Indian chief, 2nd level bands of warriors facing off with the All-Seeing eye above. The profile of the leader. King with crown profile South Mountain, Tempe,AZ. South Mountain Park Tempe, near Phoenix, Arizona. The large mystic symbol rock from Manti Cave, Utah, north of the King of South Mountain Tempe, Arizona site. "As above, so below" the Emerald Tablet of Thoth-Hermes. The Tower of Babel stamped picture from the Michigan tablets collection. Stamped clay profile picture from the slates collection. This is the only photo of this beautiful carving from Burrows cave. It is displayed with a Michigan relics headline however. The subject is Cleopatra Selene I think, but VII is carved underneath, meaning Cleo 7, Cleo the Great. Perhaps the above letters say, "Twin daughter of Cleo VII". Burrows has its own alphabet. Slate box containing three large copper spear- points. Researcher`s translation.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

The King of South Mountain - Tempe, AZ

"Last February 2017, while hiking with the highly-knowledgeable Jeff Woolwine at mysterious and beautiful South Mountain, Arizona, Jeff showed me this petroglyph he had found on one of his hundreds of hikes of the area. It clearly appears to be someone of royalty, and he is looking at something." Large king profile from Burrows Cave, Illinois. Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra, her vulture crown is similar to the bird helmets of the Mound Builder slates. A slate drawing from the Michigan Mound Builder slates, note his bird helmet and the pyramids at the base. The second panel shows an Egyptian ceremony, the participants are American Indians. Alexander Helios from Burrows Cave, Illinois. He was the twin son of Cleopatra. Cleopatra Selene, twin daughter of Cleopatra who died in her 30s in north Africa. Ptolemaic coin of Cleopatra the Great. At an advanced age, Alexander Helios was persecuted by Emperor Caligula and sailed from north Africa with a large retinue.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Psalm 45

"Christ-Elohim and his Lady - Here are some passages from a book in preparation. You will understand why helios is not chalcédonienne, and you will find the wife or lady of this angel of the Lord that is Christ, with his lady on his right. This Psalm 45 describes the wife of Christ, forgiveness from the angel of yahvé and a few secrets from their union is used in recitation...." Psalm 45 - Joseph Smith said that Psalm 45 refers to the Queen of Christ in the Latter Days. Tau Christophoros: "That psalm is about the chief of the Angel, 'Angle of the face", known also as Metatron and in the other text as Melchitsedq. Metaron had a partner 'paredre" who is the shekniah. So that is zivoug teaching in Cabbaal..That psalm recitation is to find your love?"

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Nepal DNA

Nepal - from Mexico - Ships of Hagoth. Lamanites in the Himalayas.