Sunday, November 19, 2017

Psalm 45

"Christ-Elohim and his Lady - Here are some passages from a book in preparation. You will understand why helios is not chalcédonienne, and you will find the wife or lady of this angel of the Lord that is Christ, with his lady on his right. This Psalm 45 describes the wife of Christ, forgiveness from the angel of yahvé and a few secrets from their union is used in recitation...." Psalm 45 - Joseph Smith said that Psalm 45 refers to the Queen of Christ in the Latter Days. Tau Christophoros: "That psalm is about the chief of the Angel, 'Angle of the face", known also as Metatron and in the other text as Melchitsedq. Metaron had a partner 'paredre" who is the shekniah. So that is zivoug teaching in Cabbaal..That psalm recitation is to find your love?"

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