Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Mound Builders

"We have fully documented, reliable accounts of Smithsonian Institute personnel traveling to 1800's communities in middle-America to take possession of large skeletons exhumed from the mounds. In certain instances the handover of remains and artefacts was done with a degree of formal ceremony, with the town mayor, local minister or assorted dignitaries turning out, and the spectacle of speeches and handshakes reported in the local newspaper. Mound researchers like Patricia Mason of Newark, Ohio, in following up on these many reports, have applied to the Smithsonian Institute for information related to present-day whereabouts of those skeletons gifted to the museum's collection, only to be told that the Smithsonian never received any such item.

In many other recorded instances the large bone and heavy skull, remains, found in the mounds, were so old that they disintegrated quite quickly after being exposed to air and, within a few days, had crumbled to powder. This clearly shows that some of the remains were of very great-age."

"These giant skulls are stashed-away, somewhat "out-of-sight, out-of-mind", at the Humbolt Museum in Nevada. They are the remains of the last of the "Red Headed Giants"of the area, who were trapped inside Lovelock Cave by the Paiute Indians, then suffocated to death by smoke from fires lit at the mouth of the cave. Some skulls of the large boned & tall stature people, recovered from the cave, had red hair. These very big people fit the more general recorded descriptions given of the physical-type found interred within the North American mounds during excavations of the 19th century, when many full skeletons were gifted to the Smithsonian Institute."

Referring to the Jaredites it is said that they did not inhabit the Land Southward which was nearly entirely surrounded by water, they used this land for hunting only. Was the Land Southward in Florida? The Mound Builders did not build there, it was a land of snakes.

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