Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Mormon Seer Stones

The Anthon transcript of Book of Mormon characters copied from the gold plates by Joseph Smith Jr.

Daguerreotype of the Prophet Joseph Smith Jr.

The gold plates of the Book of Mormon.

1.Green seer stone owned by Utah pioneer Philo Dibble. Matches description of stone given to Joseph Smith by Jack Belcher in Pennsylvania in the 1820's. Dibble family folklore includes story of Philo receiving stone from Joseph.
According to the Princeton Library Curator of Rare Books, the stone is privately owned and was loaned to the Library in 1980 for an exhibition entitled "A Quorum Called Out of the Kingdom" (documented in Princeton University Library Chronicle XLII, 1 (Autumn, 1980) pp. 55-59.

2. Sandy colored seer stone apparently used by Joseph Smith. Smith's widow Emma passed it on to relatives of her second husband, Lewis Bidamon. (Wilford Wood Museum)

Whitmer stone.
3. Stone of David Whitmer, who was a special witness to the Book of Mormon.
(LDS Photo Archives)

4. Stone of Jacob Whitmer, son of David, and special witness to the Book of Mormon
(Rick Grunder - Books)

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