Friday, December 13, 2013

Ancient South American Cataclysm?

"This is how Arthur Posnansky, the great expert of Puma Punku found the site in the early 20th century. We are running a campaign to date how old Puma Punku actually is". The Puma Punku complex of carved stone walls in the high desert destroyed by a flood and buried in mud. "Sumerian on the left, and Tiwanaku/Puma Punku on the right. Could there be an ancient connection beyond the fuente magna bowl?" "The puzzling Fuente Magna bowl found near Puma Punku in the highlands of Bolivia. If the script proves to be Sumerian or proto-Sumerian, then throw out your history text books". The Fuente Magna bowl found at Puma Punku in Bolivia. Puma Punku - home of the giant long skulls. Reconstruction drawing of a long skull. These types are from Paracas near the 1rst landing of the Nephites. Sumerian bowl.

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