Monday, October 31, 2011

The Andes and the Antis

The Andes mountains.

"To the northeast from the Sacred Valley the land becomes densely forested. Gradually the region recedes into the Amazonian lowlands, a region of exotic jungle and fierce tribes. This is the Incan province of Antisuyu: the jungle quarter.

The Antis
While the inhabitants of the Antisuyu region were most likely to have been divided among any number of tribes, both the Inca and the Spanish generalized their consideration for the natives by referring to them as a sole nation: the "Antis". Incan interaction with these people began under the reign of Viracocha, the eighth Sapa Inca, who conquered an area east of Qosqo which would included Ollantaytambo, gateway to the jungle region.

The Antis were frequently thought of as violent, savage jungle dwellers. Whether for a particular attack by the Antis into the Sacred Valley or the possibility of such a pending attack, Viracocha's successor Pachacuti built fortresses at Ollantaytambo and at Saqsaywaman (Qosqo) to defend against eastern offenses."

It is said that the Andes Mountains were named after the tribe of the Antis - (ie. "Anti-Nephi-Lehis").

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